jump: space
shoot: alt
drop down: down + space
open doors: up

This is a replica of Dangerous Dave In The Haunted Mansion. It has only one level.

I wanted to make games for a long time but wasn't sure if I'm ready to actually create such thing. So I decided to put myself to a test and see if it would be possible for me to create a system with the same feature set as the original Dave. I chose it because it was the first game I played in my life at the age of 6 or 7. It's because of Dave I decided to learn software development.

How it's made?
Nothing is disassembled. I didn't saw original code. Instead I just sat there and stared at the screen trying to figure out what kind of logic is behind this. No frameworks or engines used, pure JS and desire to push my skills forward. Sprites for animations achieved through screenshoting the original game frame by frame and then cutting what was required... manually...

Although sometimes I felt like developing a system with a claim to stick PRD till the last comma I still liked it. The moment you see zombies hunting you down and you make them do that is just magic. I learned TONS of everything and now looking forward to my own project with more ART in the process. Enjoy the game, leave feedback if you like. Peace!